Keynote Speech at SAPPHIRE: Turn “What if” in “Why not” – Optimize and Innovate your business now!

Approx. 10,000 people listened today on-site (online a lot more) to Jim Hgemann Snabe’s (Co-CEO of SAP AG) impressive Keynote Speech. His 1.5 hour speech began with Gabriel Byrne who shared his visionary view on the future and how much SAP’s key technologies impact the future accompanied by a light show. He stated that there is a new quantum leap of opportunities with Mobility, Cloud and In-Memory technologies emerging. Indeed, Einstein’s popular formula has to be changed to

E = mc (imc) ²

E= Enterprise

m= Mobile Computing

c= Cloud

imc= In-Memory Computing

Showing how real these innovations are and how much they impact business.

Speed up and reduce volatility!

After approx. 15 minutes of Gabriel’s speech, Jim entered the stage and made very plain what this event is all about: To give a vision to the whole SAP Ecosystem for 2015. For him, it is all about raising speed since speed does matter a lot.  Also he was referring to the fact that the world is insecure and volatile and that SAP as a business has some obligations to fix these.

SAP’s key to growth is that they came up with a customer-centric innovation strategy; thereby SAP is driving a structural change in the industries.

SAP’s innovations: Core, Mobility, Cloud and In-Memory

Basically, SAP is driving innovations in 4 categories:

  • Core (Business Suite): Although the core has been a little bit neglected in the last time due to these sexy innovations coming up, there is significant speed in the core: In the last 12 months, there were above 58,000 customers’ decisions for SAP core.  Just released and now going in ramp-up is the new 7i2011 BusinessSuite including 123 new features.  With SAP’S Rapid Deployment Solution it is not only about bringing software, but Best Practice.
  • Mobility:  The vision is here that the desktop moves for mobile device. SAP’s acquisition of Sybase will accelerate this.
  • Cloud:  means simplicity or saying it this way: consume advanced business software without complexity of installing software.
  • In-Memory: HANA is the fastest growing category, launching next innovations step: take business warehouse away and use HANA.

Jim quoted a customer saying about SAP’s product strategy: “It is Apple simple and Google fast!”

So, his last recommendation was to optimize and innovative business!

Optimize by stabilizing the core with Business Suite, departmental solution, Analytics and Cloud. Use Crossgate to optimize whole external value chains, connectivity and collaboration services.

Innovate your business with Mobile Computing and In-Memory. In that way, businesses run better. And they surely do with SAP!

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