iMAP Product

A SaaS Product Built On SAP Cloud Platform

What is iMAP

A lightweight Software-as-a-Service application for Demand Management, Capacity planning and Skill, Time & Utilization Intelligence for Professional Service

A SaaS product built on SAP Cloud Platform.

Low OpEx, lightweight, software-as-a-service, get up and running within a week.

Five Reasons to Choose iMAP

Time is the single biggest asset for Professional Services organizations and how well it is used, decides the competitiveness but organizations still struggle to understand how best it is being utilized and how can it boost the company’s performance. iMAP brings out the Skill, Time and Utilization intelligence of an organization.

  • Reason 1: Cloud platform, no time consuming installations. Get up n running within a week.
  • Reason 2: SaaS application, utilize opex model, no hassle data portability, if need be.
  • Reason 3: Pre-plan staff assignment to a project using Demand and Capacity Management
  • Reason 4: Be on top of your bench, utilization and billing - Time, Skill and Utilization intelligence
  • Reason 5: We run our multi-million dollar business using iMAP, so should you.

iMAP-Cloud Based Capacity Planning & Timesheet Management

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