Ask the “itelligence” Expert: SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

itelligence is excited to unveil the third installment of our SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud blog series. We first provided the top 10 reasons to consider the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud and continued on to discuss the trends and predictions around Enterprise-Class Cloud Deployments. This installment provides access to our director of managed services, Nathan Weaver, who answers common questions asked by CEOs and other executives that are intrigued by what SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud can provide their operations.

In this installment, you will find comprehensive answers to the following questions:

  • Why should companies look at moving on-premise applications to SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud by itelligence?
  • What does itelligence offer to companies looking at SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud that SAP or other partners don’t?
  • Why now?

As one of the first companies in the world to become an SAP-certified provider of HANA Enterprise Cloud, itelligence is proud to be a leader in implementing this innovative technology. Since the creation of this solution, companies have capitalized on the possibilities for running business processes simply, efficiently and with greater profits. It’s clear that companies today that wish to improve and stay competitive should consider SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud.

Make sure to check out to final white paper, “Ask the “itelligence” Expert: SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud,” courtesy of our expert, Nathan Weaver.

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