Celebrating Values

Our values define our corporate culture

Our People Values

These values, have remained virtually unchanged over the years, and are as much a part of our culture today, as they were years ago.

People Focus

We care for the health and well-being of each of our colleagues. We are an equal opportunity employer and our workplace is free of discrimination and harassment.

Customer Focus

We have our customers’ best interest in mind, deliver value, and always follow up. We build long-term, trustful relationships.


We appreciate and value the diversity of our workforce and the multifaceted perspectives our colleagues contribute.We believe that diversity leads to creative, innovative, and agile teams.


We communicate positively, clearly, and objectively in everything we do. We find a common language. We listen, ensure a common understanding, and follow up when necessary.


We work together towards a common goal with a positive outlook and enthusiasm. We earn each other’s trust and celebrate success.

Innovativeness and Life-Long Learning

We embrace change, challenge the status quo, and search for better ways of doing things. We actively share knowledge along the way.


We act as entrepreneurs, take ownership, and act for the benefit of the whole organization. We extend our responsibility to our communities, society, and the environment.

Integrity and Professionalism

We are honest and respectful with customers and ourselves. We keep promises. We are well prepared, achieve objectives, and strive for excellence in everything we do.

We accentuate our values and imbibe them among our employees through our work process and conducts such as:

  • Integrity without compromise. In all we do, we maintain the highest standards; never approaching what could be considered questionable behaviour.
  • People come first.  It’s people who are the foundation of our success.
  • Listen and respond. We all have the full freedom to speak up. When we do, we receive an open ear and a thoughtful response.
  • Team work. By building on each other’s ideas and skills, we make better decisions and produce better results, than we would by working alone.
  • Customers experience. The customer is the most important judge of the quality of a product or process. We gauge success based on how well it delights our clients.

We constantly share with employees some of the beliefs that drive itelligence. We believe that:

  • People matter: People are the foundation of itelligence’s success.
  • Employees are entrepreneurs of their job. We have set high standards, but we give employees the flexibility to achieve them in the manner they want.
  • It is important to accept/acknowledge honest mistakes. We accept our honest mistakes and take complete responsibility for them.
  • Work hard and party harder. We encourage employees to work hard to delight our customers, and party even harder to celebrate our successes.
  • Support, respect and trust: We respect the unique career goals of employees and are sensitive to the choices they make in their lives.

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