Leadership Training Program

We encourage employees to ‘Bring their whole self to work.’

We encourage employees to ‘Bring their whole self to work.

We recognize that personal and professional growth go hand-in-hand and make broad efforts to encourage both.

Leadership Training

Itelligence believes in focusing on the strengths and talents of employees and on helping them become who they truly are.  itelligence hosts a leadership workshop for all employees, which helps organizations and employees:

  • Enabling the organization and its people to step outside adversarial roles and see the organization as a unified team.
  • Developing an environment where the organization effectively designs its future and develops the leadership necessary for achieving this future vision.
  • Building on the best practices of general management and instilling an in-house capability for achieving higher levels customer experience.

Employee Growth

itelligence India focuses on employee growth for enabling and helping them to develop professionally and pursue their aspirations, in line with the organization’s business goals.

We discuss with each employee about their professional interests and personal aspirations through a planned and defined structure.

Tech Talk

This aims to create an understanding and awareness about different technologies, processes, tools, domains etc.

The platform provides an opportunity to employees to enhance their knowledge through focused discussions, interesting case studies, quizzes, latest concepts, research-based facts etc.

Some recent tech talks were held on SAP Leonardo portfolio – Blockchain, Analytics, IoT, Data science, and AI.

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