Empowering Distributors with Powerful, Industry-Focused Business Tools

If you missed our webcast this week, you’ll want to check it out. Stefan Hoffmann, Industry Solution Principal, took time to discuss with attendees how wholesale industry technology has changed over the past decade and how itelligence has evolved with this change.

SAP has been and still is the ERP solution that addresses all the needs for a typical distribution company. With the help of itelligence’s it.trade solution, we are able to help our SAP customers to optimize their systems and take advantage of added functionality and tools to improve business processes. it.trade focuses on specific industry enhancements that are packaged together and enable customers to work better within their own, unique systems.

During the webcast, Stefan discusses how distributors can:

Benefit from an integrated system that creates a single set of truths, in real time, without second guessing
Provide customers with a one-stop shop for detailed information to avoid annoying handoffs to multiple agents
Empower multi-tasking sales/purchasing managers with the ability to more easily update master data and identify sales patterns, negotiate pricing more advantageously, and plan/forecast more strategically
Equip customer service agents with centralized information regarding product pricing, availability, and out-of-stock options, without having to use multiple system

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