Enable Proactive Decision-making with IoT

Build an agile framework using IoT

Leverage IoT to increase revenue with proactive decision-making

Build an agile framework using IoT and gain actionable insights to meet changing consumer expectations and maintain relevance in the Indian market.

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What is driving digitization in consumer goods?

Several large consumer goods companies own storage units to showcase their products, build a presence and help consumers find what they want faster. Their maintenance and inventory is highly complex and relies on information gained during scheduled deliveries.


With changing consumer demands, the industry needs to keep up. IoT helps in remotely managing a wide network of units to make sure they are functional, making real-time changes on the go. IoT can also be used to ascertain the health of these machines, discern requirement of proactive maintenance, and analysis of products sold.

How will implementing IoT transform your business?

IoT provides the framework in an intelligent and flexible enterprise. IoT will enable transition from a linear sequential management of assets to a circular system with the flexibility and agility necessary for making real-time adjustments.

Actionable Insights

Data gained from monitoring helps catering to evolving customer demand in real-time. Communicating consumer-level demand and maintenance issues in real time is a strategic priority.

Real-time monitoring

Real-time data enables preventive, proactive measures. This allows a service technician to be dispatched based on live-data requirements, reducing downtime. Real-time monitoring also helps protect against potential thefts.


In a linear workflow, delivery trucks make rounds while restocking based on requirement. With IoT, there is real-time information about the stock requirements allowing deliveries to be flexibly scheduled.

Reduced Total Cost

Executives can easily monitor a vast network of branded assets to reduce labour costs and enhance operational efficiency.

Indian foam company simplifies product deliveries and increases customer satisfaction

Shree Malani Foams Pvt. Ltd., established in 2008, is a leading technical and industrial foam producer in India, with impressive product quality and range. However, despite an over two-hundred fold rise in the volume of data since the plant foundation, there was manual handling of numbers and lack of tight control mechanisms. With a high complexity of business processes, there were struggling to replace existing legacy systems with a single ERP solution. itelligence helped implement SAP S/4HANA for Shree Malani Group, leveraging in-depth SAP and industry knowledge.System-driven organization, instead of manual processes

  • All sales, financial, and manufacturing data on a single SAP platform
  • Efficient management of all channel partners

Client Testimonials

The SAP S/4HANA implementation helped our business in centralizing pricing and discounts, stopped revenue leakage, and automated sales pricing. Our team has derived transparency and tracking at the order level, and achieved visibility of stocks across all locations.

Siddharth Malani, Managing Director, Shree Malani Group

Some useful insights for consumer goods

Capitalize on New Opportunities in a Changing Global Consumer Goods Industry

Meet your customers’ evolving demands and expectations while staying competitive, with our tailored industry solution it.consumer.

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Facing increasing digitization in the consumer products industry

As the industry is confronted with an increasingly competitive market; volatile prices, drawn-out innovation cycles, and complex supply chains make business complex. Get to know how to transform and streamline your enterprise.

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