Digitally Transform your Workforce into a Growth Engine

12/12/2017 – 12/12/2017

IDC believe it is the responsibility of HR to address and deliver key elements of Digital Transformation.
Involving the HR department in Digital Transformation projects is no longer a nice to have but a must-have. IDC research indicates that among HR professionals and Line of Business (LOB) managers, there is this common idea: HR is critical to the success of Digital Transformation.

Top Four recognized barriers to successful Digital Transformation

analytics24% People
Our Organization does not have enough
people with digital skills
knowledge22% Knowledge
Our Organization does not have enough
people with digital skills
database21% Financial
Our financial systems do not incent us to take
the required risks for digital businesses
culture21% Culture
Our Organization does not have a risk taking,
innovation driven culture

*Data source: IDC interactive guide, “HR must deliver on transformation”

Join us to explore on how you can turn your Human Capital into a Competitive Advantage

attractAttract: The best talent, into the best
roles, with clear (and parallel) career
development; as well as attracting
employees from across departments.
developDevelop: Talent across the
organization, reskilling and retraining
where possible, as well as empowering
talent with the tools to enable this.
retainRetain: People, skills and engagement
by delivering opportunity and progression.
Most critically, retain a highly engaged
optimizeOptimize: Talent, skills and potential
(future capability). Ensure that the human
capital and knowledge capital of business
exceeds the sum of the parts.



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