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– written by Antje Beckmann, Customer Solutions & Inventions, itelligence –

How do I transfer the outcome of my SAP reports to my iPad? Simple answer: With the SalesKit App. This product combines technological expertise with easy access. I personally think that this attribute can also be found in the media you are reading right now: the blog.

What exactly is the  „ SalesKit App“?

With the „ SalesKit App“, an employee is able to optimally prepare for meetings with other experts and customers. In addition to access to the latest news and to the management of your own documents it also allows you to display the outcome of your SAP reporting online.


  • Reliable and prompt information as a base of operative, strategic and tactical decisions
  • Directly integrated usage of available SAP reporting data
  • Quick opportunity to embed by customizing, without the need to program
  • Flexible Extentions Possible

How easy is it to integrate SAP Reports for direct performance via the App or as a Batch?

Reports executed periodically are deposited in the Customizing with a variant. The execution and the creation of PDFs run via the planning of a report, which belongs to the SalesKit App solution. You can execute online reports directly via the app. Additionally, you can define parameters and search the help for every report that is displayed on your iPad.

Saleskit 1

Saleskit 2

Of course authorization checks are considered simultaneously to the SAP during the execution.

This allows you to display the outcome of your reports as a PDF without the need to program. Also the reports can be displayed on your iPad within a few minutes. This guarantees a quick launch and quick use.

I would like to ask you a question to finish my first insight into this topic:  Which data and reports would you prefer on your iPad? We are looking forward to answering your questions, so don´t hesitate to contact us via Email: .

Learn more about the SalesKit App here

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