Whatever you produce, we can help you make it better, faster and cheaper. You can operate more efficiently and achieve higher quality standards with the right SAP solution. Our know-how will give you more visibility and control of your entire manufacturing process – from the first stage of product development to supply chain and after sales service. As a result, you can cut down the time it takes to go to market and for product innovation.

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Powerful forces are driving innovation and change across the world of manufacturing. The “Internet of Things” is creating a massive reservoir of potentially valuable business data, while the growing consumerisation of information technology is empowering customers like never before. And disruptive technologies, such as in-memory computing, cloud and mobile, are accelerating business velocity and enabling organisations to run their operations in real time.
discover how manufacturing solutions from itelligence leverage the latest technology advances to help you meet today’s challenges:

  • Optimise manufacturing
  • Increase visibility and control
  • Accelerate product innovation
  • Integrate your supply chain
  • Increase customer satisfacation
  • Compete globally

Increase transparency

With the right SAP technologies, you can improve supply chain performance. For example, barcode and scanner integration can save you time and money and help you keep track of your plant operations. Integrating your inbound and outbound logistics helps you capture data on your entire production life cycle. This makes it easier to plan. And with accurate forecasts of demand, you can optimise stock levels. So even at a late stage of fulfilment, you can handle a change to an order without disrupting your business.

Enhance customer experience

Our SAP know-how can help you meet demand across multiple channels. It’s vital you have a robust strategy to deal with the growing complexity of customer service management. You’re only as good as your last interaction, so you need to manage every customer relationship. And providing a reliable, consistent and flexible service at each touch point, helps you transform your after sales service. For example, you can reduce delivery times for service parts, automate maintenance services, speed up repairs and manage warranties more efficiently to create competitive advantage.

Integrate your supply chain

As an SAP Global Partner, you can tap into our experience of managing relationships. In every supply chain, transparency is the key to performance. With more visibility and control, you can see clearly across your global supplier network. One of the first steps is automating the flow of data and information to and from suppliers. This integrated view gives you insight into how you can be more efficient from one end of your supply chain to the other. With the right SAP solution, your sourcing strategy becomes clearer. So you can adapt as markets change and drive even more value from your network.

Stay ahead of customers’ expectations

If you focus on continuous product innovation, you can gain a competitive edge. And stay ahead of customers’ expectations. We tailor SAP solutions that help you innovate products and be more competitive. These will help you to offset the cost of innovation. When you improve quality, you can also minimise the risk of product failure and be faster to market. And the time and money you save on complying with regulations can be ploughed back into product innovation.

Optimize processes

Across the world, we work with industrial machinery, engineering companies and component manufacturers. If you engineer-to-order, make-to-order, make-to-stock or assemble-to-stock, we can help you optimise production. Our approach to product lifecycle management (PLM) integrates people, data, processes, systems and tools such as CAD. We are SAP experts in both mass production and custom designs that require multiple variants and production configurations. With the right SAP solution, you can cut lead-in times and waste. And analyse material flow and spot bottlenecks quicker. As a result, no matter how complex your product or processes, you can gain certainty on time and cost.

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