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Service providers

You can call on our extensive experience of working with a diverse set of companies in the service industry. Each different business brings new goals and challenges, so we offer a fresh perspective and personalised advice. And SAP solutions are always evolving with more flexibility and scalability.

Grow your business

At itelligence, we believe your success is ours too. So we build customer relationships that last – and we can help you do this by maximising your investment in technology. This enables you to broaden your product range, meet new demands for services and shape your supplier network in ways that benefit you and your customers. And we can support your business strategy by simplifying your IT landscape. For example, we can help you replace disparate legacy systems or manage master data with more control. And by giving you secure access to real-time information, you can bring people, processes and technologies together. As you grow, our global reach means you have a partner who already understands the industry standards and regulations in new markets. So when you’re ready, we can help you harness the power of cloud, mobility and analytics. For every opportunity, we can offer an SAP solution that fits your growth ambitions.

Capitalize on opportunities

We can help you make customer service more cost-effective, with a focus on timely delivery and service quality. Our SAP applications, tools and services make it possible to shorten lead-times and integrate your processes from service delivery to financial accounting. Better still, metrics show you how much you’re saving in customer operations – from resolving issues faster to simplifying warranty management. Outstanding customer service also gives you a competitive edge. And the more you learn about your customers and markets, the easier it is to develop your distribution channels and meet demand.

Expand into new markets

When you are looking to increase revenue, we can help. SAP technologies enable you to develop the profitable areas of your business. And we’re experts at service delivery innovation and project management. Our information-sharing and collaboration tools help you work closely with partners on new offerings. Operational metrics improve your visibility of projects and their impact on revenue and operating margins. And because we’re a full-service SAP provider of cloud capabilities, you can scale up and only pay for what you need. It’s good to know that when you expand into new markets and grow online sales, we can deliver all your IT and data services globally.

Operate more efficiently

We understand SAP solutions in the service industry. And we combine this know-how with expertise in managing data and projects, to help you transform your customer interactions. If your goal is profitability, we will help you reduce the cost of lead generation and convert more sales. For example, mobile technologies increase your up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. And clearer operational metrics drive customer satisfaction and loyalty. In addition, we can help you develop services for which you can charge a subscription fee, which can improve operating margins and generate new revenues. And by automating processes, you can quickly implement these profitable new services with minimal input.

Integrate your systems

Increasingly, the success of your service company – in the eyes of your customers – depends on how well your IT performs. And that depends on how integrated and robust your IT platform is. With SAP’s portfolio, you can meet customer demands with stable and highly available applications. In today’s always-on world, that means a 24/7 service via multiple channels. We’ll help you keep up with expectations as your business grows, by integrating new applications as your needs change.

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