itelligence Twinterview Recap: CeBIT 2014

We are excited to share that itelligence’s first Twinterview at CeBIT 2014 was a success! itelligence CTO Andy Steer was our excellent Twinterview host and managed to cover a number of topics as he took questions from those tweeting with #itelligence.

The Twinterview really focused on a few key areas…

  • Predictive Analytics: Andy highlighted how organizations can harness these capabilities to drive better business outcomes.
  • Self-Service Business Intelligence: Andy covered the risks associated with this sensitive information with a specific focus on both data governance and challenges of data integration.
  • Mobility Business Intelligence: Andy wrapped up the Twinterview with mobility BI and how it’s being used by organizations to change behavior and increase productivity.

Overall, some interesting topics were covered and itelligence really appreciated all the great questions and comments. For those of you who weren’t able to tune in, check out Andy’s recap.

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