Life Sciences Simplify Supplier Collaboration with SAP S/4HANA

Improve outcomes by enabling seamless collaboration across the life sciences

Simplify Supplier Collaboration with SAP S/4HANA

Improve outcomes by enabling seamless collaboration across the life sciences value chain in the Indian landscape.

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How does SAP S/4HANA make a difference for life sciences supply chain in India?

Global Network

With manufacturers gearing towards personalized medicine, a system with end-to-end visibility simplifies the process and amplifies the reach.

Higher scalability

Transactions and analytics are streamlined for smarter, faster, and simpler core processes through SAP S/4HANA. Advanced cloud-based business networks allow collaboration with suppliers, scientists, care providers, and other partners in real-time.

Actionable insights

Real-time responses, and predictive analytics, fully integrated to the digital core simplifies the decision making process through actionable, real-time data. This enhances efficiency and streamlines operations, improving patient outcomes.

Increased efficiency

With an integrated view of end-to-end processes, the latest data is updated and available at all times. This allows order modifications and reduces manual error, empowering employees to make smarter and more relevant decisions.

Reduced cost

With real-time data available, TCO is lowered. Inventories can be managed better as actionable data allows better planning. R&D requirements can be better met leading to faster turnaround time and better results with lowered cost of logistics.

Improved patient outcomes

A highly responsive supply chain makes it easy to meet the evolving needs of a digitally aware patient. This reduces delays, brings better treatment faster and at more affordable prices.

Netherland based pharmaceutical company streamlines processes thereby supporting future growth

Synthon is an international, science-centred pharmaceutical company specialized in developing and manufacturing high-quality generic and innovative medicines for patients around the world, e.g. biosimilars, new biological products and chemical entities. Synthon’s more than 1,400 employees generate annual sales of about EUR 250 million. To consolidate its strong position, the company sought to update its ERP system. After around 10 years with the same solution, Synthon was finding it increasingly difficult to innovate. itelligence leveraged in-depth SAP and industry knowledge streamlining operations.

  • Streamlined logistics and financial processes
  • Connected administrative processes with hardware, reducing manual effort
  • Achieved international compliance, facilitating future growth
  • Received a standard template for future rollouts

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Client Testimonials

We compared SAP ERP to five alternatives. SAP satisfied our requirements the best, especially for process support in pharmaceuticals. itelligence’s extensive experience in the industry and fast, structured implementation method made it an obvious choice.

René Iriks, CIO, Synthon Holding

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itelligence lifescience combines security with enhanced functionality for all pharma processes. Comply with regulations in a cost-effective way.

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As the industry is confronted with an increasingly competitive market; volatile energy prices, compliance issues, drawn-out product innovation cycles, and complex global supply chains make the business even harder. Get to know Brian Everett’s innovative approach.

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