BI itelligence Blog Series: Part 4

So far we have discussed business intelligence implementation, data gathering and finally, data value, so what’s next?

Well, that’s just it! All the data you have been busy cultivating, organizing, analyzing and testing for accuracy is now the closest you will get to a business crystal ball. Using these BI tools to help guide your business to the next step is what it’s all about.

Real-time, accurate data collection, essentially SAP HANA, is key when powering predictive BI feedback. This collection provides the algorithms that proactively apply and perform business forecasting based on data behavior and process observation. Historical data patterns coupled with real-time information that permit a forward-looking point of view, and in turn, drive organizational decisions, is the paradigm for a fully optimized state of BI. On the chart of BI, this is the end point, the ultimate goal.

This state of BI can benefit organizations in myriad ways. For example, police officers in Richmond used BI to drive policing decision and reduce crime. By identifying what types of emergency calls were coming in and what type of crime was being committed,  specific law enforcement units were  able to mobilize  to pro-actively patrol those areas based on the type of crime reported in that area and the type of day. Within 60 to 90 days of implementing this BI-driven strategy, the city reported a significant drop in crime.

In another case, Disney parks used BI to bring a more fluid dining experience to its parks, with long lines listed as a core complaint in guest experience feedback. Disney deployed mobile BI solutions on employee devices to push out real-time alerts on park traffic. As a result, if there was a guest overload in food lines on the north side of the park, and little to no traffic on the east side, BI would shift employees from the slower area of the park to the high-traffic areas to maintain guests’ service expectations of Disney.

As you can see from these examples, BI really empowers an organization to be proactive and capitalize on existing capabilities to guide future organizational success. To truly uncover the greatest opportunity for optimization, it is crucial to have a true partner in building your BI framework. This partner will be your guide through the BI lifecycle and will help you craft a vision for BI use while ensuring you meet key milestones throughout the data maturation process. Furthermore, that partner has the objectivity to take a step back and maintain the authenticity and accuracy of the intelligence.

A partner is a fundamental differentiator in the world of BI, and itelligence takes that job very seriously. We want to help organizations realize their potential and capitalize on future business trends, and through BI, we have a proven track record of helping businesses meet their goals.

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