SAP Cloud for Sales: Engage Customers on Their Terms

This is the third in a series of blogs on SAP Cloud for Sales. In the first blog, we discussed how SAP Cloud for Sales can drive tangible value and return on investment. In part two, we cleared up common myths surrounding cloud deployment, and examined its ample benefits. In this final blog, we’ll talk about how SAP Cloud for Sales enables sales teams to engage effectively with customers and prospects to drive revenue and exceed goals and objectives.

The sales process is radically changing as customers now have more information than ever before. Prospects are researching products, sellers and even pricing before they pick up the phone. Today’s buyers can access more potential vendors, research reviews, and even use social media to survey friends and colleagues before making a purchase. As a result, customers no longer feel they need to follow a predetermined sales process. They are shifting the balance of power, and sales teams need to keep up.

In this changing sales climate, having the proper tools and insight can make the difference between a lost prospect and a major sale. SAP Cloud for Sales can give you the advantage over competitors and help your team keep pace with potential customers as they move towards a decision. Some of the top benefits include:

  • Accessibility: Today, the average B2B customer may use up to six different communication channels throughout the sales process, meaning sales teams must be able to access all information like product availability, pricing, discounts, quotes and more at any time, from anywhere. By natively integrating with SAP ERP, SAP Cloud for Sales brings puts information at your fingertips, whether you’re responding to a prospect’s text on a weekend or answering a question on the road.
  • Personalization: It is impossible to spell ‘customer’ without ‘custom.’ Easier access to information allows sales teams to know more about prospects and their needs, and personalize the sales process to meet them. SAP Cloud for Sales allows sales teams to track prospects’ activity across social channels so they can better anticipate their needs.
  • Collaboration: All sales forces have a wealth of data, knowledge and in many cases past experience which is vital to sway an unconvinced customer or provide insight on a problem, but often these resources are trapped in silos. While many CRM solutions can simplify collaboration, integration with an ERP system enables easy access to institutional data and knowledge across the business. Sharing knowledge and working together allows a sales team to give prospects exactly what they want and win business faster.
  • Effectiveness: SAP Cloud for Sales is designed and built with Social, Mobile, Embedded Predictive Analytics and User Centric GUI. These integrated modern technologies help take sales effectiveness to the next level, giving sales teams the insight they need to engage today’s empowered customers.

As customers continue to take control of the sales process, businesses need tools to guide them on the path to purchase and be the strategic seller. SAP Cloud for Sales provides just that tool to set your team up for success while satisfying customers and bringing new value to your entire organization.

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