Digital business transformation leads the way for SAP

Digital business transformation leads the way for SAP

Digital business transformation has become a necessity for brands of all sizes that are looking to grow. This is the age of digitalization and it is quite obvious for people to demand that their solutions be digitalized. The SAP has always ensured their products in terms of quality . And in the last few years, they have been ensuring this through the integration of digital business transformation into all the various SAP solution software that their roster presents.

Here are some of the latest digital business transformation processes that SAP has engaged in:

Big Data

Big Data has probably been one of the most consistent processes of the digitalization and automation sector that companies have developed on. In 2016, SAP announced that they are not only going to be integrating the Big Data solution services into their software and ensure that all the data processing is digitalized, but they are also one of the sponsors of the documentary ‘The Human Face of Big Data’.

Sabre Corp and S/4HANA

Some of the automation solutions which SAP have been producing in the last few years have really helped transform various systems. Sabre Corp. was a brand which developed ticketing systems for airlines. However, with the integration of the S/4HANA application developed by SAP, Sabre Corp was able to transform themselves into one of the leading providers of software for the travel industry. The enablement of this digital business transformation via S/4HANA was one of the many of success stories of SAP in recent times.

The Apple connection

SAP was never one of those brands that indulged in the world of providing open platform solutions. These are solutions whose source codes are not hidden via encryption and thus they can be developed on by any person in the world. But when SAP decided to partner with Apple to offer cloud services via the HANA application, for the first time it chose to enter the open platform era and this news had a ripple-effect upon the IT industry. The HANA Cloud Services were used for all iOS devices and this allowed file storing and sharing to have a futuristic level of ease of process.

IoT is the keyword everywhere

All big brands are already into the IoT market, and smaller and mid-sized ones are also gearing up to enter the same. SAP did not hold back on this front at all as they realized how important the IoT process is to ensure that an all-round digital business transformation takes place. All SAP consulting services have been provided to IoT R&D sectors and the company has allotted a total budget of 2.2 billion dollars into this sector.

SAP is truly one of those IT brands that are ready to stand the test of time. They ensure that all the necessary digitalization processes are up to date and thereby retain their status as one of the top solution providers.

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