itelligence Supply-Chain Benchmarking Survey

With help from our partners, itelligence has launched a strategic supply-chain benchmarking initiative. We are now in the process of surveying directors and executives of IT supply chain and operations to determine the state of the supply chain across the wholesale, manufacturing and consumer-goods industries.

We launched the survey to highlight the value of benchmarking, namely, the ability for companies to see where they stand in relation to their best-in-class peers. Widespread investment in reporting systems has given organizations access to dashboards to help monitor key performance indicators (KPIs). However, KPIs only obtain real value when taken outside the enterprise and compared to industry leaders.

A common misconception holds that benchmarking—focused as it is on identifying areas for growth—is only beneficial to struggling companies. In actual fact, benchmarking helps organizations of all varieties, whether large or small, struggling or successful. To understand the universal value of benchmarking, we need only look at best-in-class companies. These leaders remain at the forefront of their respective industries by regularly and rigorously gauging their own internal measurements against their competition, to identify opportunities to further streamline operations and thus maintain competitive advantage.

Over the next several weeks, we will report on how organizations respond to the survey, and determine what their answers indicate as to the current state of the supply chain in terms of planning, collaboration, finances and IT investment. If you haven’t already completed the survey, we invite you to participate. To find out how your supply-chain operations match up against your peers, click here to take our quick, free survey.

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