Food Safety Law and ERP

Last week President Obama signed into law the Food Safety Modernization Act.  The largest overhaul of food-safety regulations in more than 70 years, this bill delivers a significant challenge to the food industry.  The government has made clear that it expects companies to:

(1) be able to track raw materials back to their sources

(2) have the capabilities to identify factors including: which batches are used during particular production processes; which finished goods resulted from those batches; and the ultimate destination of the finished goods, and

(3) be able to answer FDA mandates and recall goods from store shelves.

itelligence has helped food manufacturers make their processes safer for more than 20 years through customized SAP implementations, advanced technology enhancements and active participation in industry-improvement programs such as the Produce Traceability Initiative.

A robust SAP ERP solution like itelligence’s it.CPG comes preconfigured to suffice government requirements, with quality-management and food-safety capabilities built in.  Other key components include tracking and tracing, as well as automated recall procedures.  Importantly, expedited implementation means that a company can have the solution up and running in as few as five months, depending on project scope and requirements.  This quick turnaround makes it possible for an organization to immediately place itself in compliance with the new bill without having to bring in additional full-time staff to help develop a clipboard-based manual safety program.

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