Social Media in Business 2 Business Marketing

Social Media in B2B Marketing

More than 25% of SMB owners plan to spend more on social networking in 2010, according to an Ad-ology Business Marketing Forecast.  This survey of 1,100 business owners indicated that the biggest benefits of social networking are to keep up with their industry, increase brand awareness, and improve exposure to an existing customer base.

Those are exactly the social media goals for itelligence. As we evaluate the expansion into social outlets like the BlogSphere of Linked-in or SAP Networking Groups, itelligence looks to grow our online presence, reach and awareness.   We are looking to connect with people discussing their SAP projects, challenges and strategic direction.  We want to build relationships through dialogue and connect people with the business, exchange feedback, and promote an open forum for communication.

How do we achieve this? The whole concept of Social Media doesn’t work without you, the active reader who participates by sharing information, providing thoughts and asking questions.   Your comments and feedback are the building blocks for our social media success, which will not happen overnight.  However, if we are consistent, educational, conversational and engaging, we believe and hope readers will become participators.

What does itelligence’s social media presence mean for you? We are striving to provide an outlet to have business discussions with qualified industry professionals, learn about new market trends and business applications, and gain insight into the culture and practices of itelligence.

Is social media relevant to you and your business? I implore you to take a moment, comment, and share your thoughts.  Below are some links to articles I hope you’ll find useful.

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