Run Like Never Before!

A recent study sponsored by SAP shows that US SMEs are rethinking their strategy to compete in a changing marketplace: 88% of respondents have either completed, are in the process of completing, or are about to complete a significant business transformation. Companies are planning for growth, expanding services, driving innovation, and looking towards global expansion.

itelligence is partnering with SAP to offer a series of expert resources to help you accelerate your company’s growth. We’ve compiled a package with expert insights based on research of 2,100 SMEs in 21 countries to show you how companies around the world are scaling from growth and improving business operations. The package includes:

An overview on how your business can run better
A guide on how to transform your business growth
Tips on how to manage every aspect of a growing business

For more information, visit to download the package and learn how itelligence can optimize your business.

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