Throwback Thursday: James K. Polk elected as U.S. President on December 4, 1844

On December 4, 1844, James K. Polk was elected as the 11th president of the United States. Scholars have ranked him on the list of greatest presidents for his ability to set an agenda and accomplish everything on it. Unfortunately, there is no way to measure what his true value was.  Everyone has their own opinions, but what if there was a way to quantify his value beyond basing it on what “scholars” say?

In businesses today, there is an opportunity to measure employees’ current values and to see whose future value can be enhanced through investment. This practice is known as Human Capital Management (HCM).

Earlier this year, itelligence acquired Symphony Management Consulting in order to enhance our customers’ experiences with HCM solutions. With the acquisition, we added Symphony’s leading HR business knowledge and implementation experience to our own to deliver human resource information systems that bring harmony to our customers.

Polk was elected 170 years ago today and became what scholars call one of the greatest presidents of all time. We know our customers want employees and leaders that will strengthen their businesses the way Polk strengthened our nation, and that’s exactly what our new friends from Symphony are helping us to deliver.

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