What are the best modules in SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors, software designed by SAP as a Human Resources & Talent Management solution is one of the world’s leading choice when it comes to the same.

Combined with the SAP consulting services, it consists of advanced workforce analytics and planning which along with its futuristic HR solution, greatly improves insight into candidates and decision making.

What makes SuccessFactors from SAP stand apart from the rest is the various SAP solutions also known as integrated modules that comes within it. Based on your needs and requirements, you can begin with any of them and extend onto others.

1. Core HR & Payroll
2. Time and Attendance Management
3. Recruiting and Onboarding
4. Learning and Development
5. Performance and Compensation
6. Workforce planning and HR Analytics
7. Workplace Transformation
8. Technology & Digital HR

Core HR & Payroll
There are four different solutions in this SuccessFactors SAP module, each pertaining to a different area of your requirement. Based upon which one fits you best, you can go with either of them to fulfil your needs.

With the help of this, you can easily take care of employee management system and manage different payrolls etc. Furthermore, with the unique solutions provided within it, you can easily separate different integral components of employee management.

Employee Central
Employee Central Payroll
Employee Central Service Center
Visa and Permits Management
Time & Attendance Management
Automation is the key to everything with this module. Various solutions within it provide you with the option to smoothen every process along with providing valuable insights into different areas like labour costs, time theft and more.

Employee Central Time Management, Time and Attendance Management, Workforce Forecasting and Scheduling are the three different solutions within it which can help you not only manage but also make the most of your time and labour.
Recruiting & Onboarding: Hiring and team selection processes are undoubtedly one of the most nerve-wracking processes in any industry. Acquiring new talent and then getting them familiar with the working process inside the company, this module provides dedicated solutions for that.

While its Recruitment solution helps you hire from around the world while keeping the process simple yet comprehensive enough, Onboarding module welcomes new employees by getting them engaged them into meaningful experiences.

Learning & Development
Any workforce labour regardless of how skilled or well experienced they are, they are of no use without personalized training and development into the ways of the particular company and industry.

Cognitive coaching, skill gap analysis, microlearning are just some of the things that you can provide your employees with this. Different solutions in it focus on catering to different needs and requirements.

Learning: Boost productivity by developing leaders, ensuring compliance & training.
Succession & Development: Create targeted development & succession plans.
Enable Now: Cloud-based training for employees working on SAP solutions.

Performance & Compensation
A key part of employee system is the measurement of their performance and allocating the compensation as fit. Staff evaluation, incentive management, benchmark data etc everything makes all this very simple yet easy to process.

Performance and Goals solution given within it continuously works on improving employee performance by regular evaluation, training & feedback. Compensation promotes performance-based pay environment and gives valuable recognitions & awards to those who deserve it.

Workforce Planning & HR Analytics
Combined employee analytics and data-centric workforce management tools let you make much better choices regarding performance, hiring & letting go etc by giving you insights in real-time via its highly intuitive dashboards.

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