Why Should You Migrate to SAP S/4HANA? Key Benefits for Your Business

SAP S4 HANA Migration

If you have been using SAP solutions, you may be completely happy with their performance. Software issues that sprung up during your initial SAP journey have finally settled down. But you are now being told to upgrade or migrate to SAP S/4HANA. Everywhere you look, there are reasons and benefits of upgrading to SAP S/4HANA, compelling you to consider upgrading.

As your industry is changing, consumers are changing, potential customers and employees come from a newer generation of people who have a different outlook on technology.

This new generation hates complexity and wants all processes and practices to be seamless. Moving forward, solutions that adapt to the future generation and be flexible enough to meet modern demands will survive.

This is where SAP S/4HANA comes in.

But, change can be difficult for stakeholders who come from many departments as well as for technicians responsible for managing the older products and hardware. Therefore IT leaders should gain support for the migration initiative by communicating the value of the upgraded suite in terms of its benefits.

Benefits to IT Organizations

There are tactical benefits of SAP S/4HANA for IT organizations.

SAP S/4HANA updates can be deployed quickly on-premises or on a public cloud with API integration to new applications, which translates into quicker deployment.

Moreover, SAP S/4HANA optimizes resource utilization and requires lower investment in infrastructure. Its cloud deployments eliminate capital costs by enabling more flexible operating costs.

Without any custom integration, upgrades can be quickly tested and implemented, which frees up IT resources for more strategic tasks such as developing innovative solutions to business challenges. Minimizing maintenance activities makes operations more efficient.

Another worth noticing factor here is that SAP S/4HANA fits right into your business’ hybrid environments enabling IT teams to place data and workloads where they belong.

Apart from these, SAP S/4HANA makes it easy to access and integrate next-gen technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Analytics. It also fits into your business’ modern development and deployment processes.

Benefits of SAP S/4HANA to Business Organizations

In the collaborative technology environment, SAP S/4HANA should be implemented only after getting the buy-in from business users who will be using the software and may even hold the budget.

IT leaders can proactively communicate the business benefits of SAP S/4HANA, which include:

  • Fast application performance – The streamlined application code runs efficiently, meaning faster page loads and transaction processing. This results in boosted employee productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Cross-functional transparency – You can create more seamless workflows with SAP S/4HANA. The platform unlocks data and insight visibility across the enterprise to power real-time analytics and insights. It enables teams to work cross-functionally and access information in different parts of the system.
  • Easy and quick deployment – New functionality can be made available to users right after launch, which can improve user satisfaction.
  • Streamlined business operations – You can measure tasks and improve them with embedded analytics, resulting in greater efficiency.
  • Access to the latest technologies – SAP Leonardo supports the modern Business models with Technologies such as blockchain machine learning gents and analytics to enable you to gain a competitive edge.
  • Simple user interfaces – SAP S/4HANA is easy to use without tech dependency so that non-technical users can derive insights into their business processes.

Why Businesses Value SAP S/4HANA

For numerous IT leaders, SAP S/4HANA migration is a part of a broader digital transformation strategy, which calls for the digitization of their complete IT stack – infrastructure, platform, and applications.

According to a 2017 Frost & Sullivan report of IT decision-makers, what drives them to cloud is:

  • Cost reduction (for 76% of survey respondents)
  • Increasing the speed of delivering services and applications (for 69% of respondents)
  • Reducing the software/hardware maintenance workload (for 64% of respondents)
  • Positioning the company for new technologies (for 61% of respondents)

Successfully Migrating to SAP S/4HANA

All major technology transitions involved some real and perceived business risks. Many IT leaders in India don’t consider themselves up to the challenge of a successful migration, citing concerns over limited cloud knowledge. Some others believe their organization is not structured to meet the needs of a cloud-drive economy.

As business users demand full-fledged functionality and budget constraint IT leaders, there needs to be a system in place that guides stakeholders and executives to eliminate some hassle from SAP S/4HANA migration.

Instead of facing these challenges head-on, Indian businesses are busy with routine maintenance activities. Much of their staff are carrying out the designated work for the day, instead of focusing on innovative and transformative solutions.

We don’t deny that the stakes are too high. Businesses still need to function as they go through the migration. Their budgets cannot afford project overruns. To minimize the business risks of migration, Indian companies are turning to third-party experts. With the right assistance, you can implement SAP S/4HANA rapidly and start seeing results from it.

The right SAP S/4HANA migration specialist can check deployment options and ensure there are no roadblocks to a successful migration. Look for a partner who is experienced, understands your IT environment, uses honed processes and systems, and has helped other companies like yours.

When you’re ready to make the move, itelligence can help. Our specialty is SAP S/4HANA adoption acceleration, using pre-configured solutions to accelerate implementation and migration to S/4HANA. In addition, we offer a Fixed Fee Migration to SAP S/4HANA Digital Core that includes a three-month accelerated timeline and one year of free access to a dedicated expert advocate to ensure a smooth migration and operation of your converted system.


Seek assistance from itelligence specialists. 

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