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Discover the simple and innovative cloud solution by SAP SuccessFactors

The attitude of young employees is changing Personnel structure.

Human resources continues to develop and should contribute directly to business success today. It’s not enough for that to manage only the master data of your employees. Link this data specifically with the information from the Talent Management.

This gives you a complete overview of each employee. Become powerful analytics possible – and thus sustainable personnel planning. Employee Central, The attitude of young employees is changing Personnel structure. Many of them are using modern software grew up. They expect solutions that are easy too operate and interact with others intuitively can work together.

These expectations are fulfilled Most HR systems are not – they are more geared to experts. To be able to use all functions are usually intensive Training required. In classic HR solutions are Implementation, operation and updates often costly. The Acceptance among employees is low.

Discover the simple and innovative cloud solution by SuccessFactors. Use Employee Central to set up the Personnel work precise to your corporate strategy and supported all important HR processes. The Total operating costs keep you always in mind.

Recognize and use talents

Which employee has which skills? With Employee Central, you know it immediately. The solution connects Information from Talent Management with Master Data from the HR system and other solutions of yours Company. So are personnel decisions easier.

They make individual target agreements that are based on based on the strengths and interests of an employee. from From the first to the last working day you keep every colleague in view and develop talents specifically. In the right one Moment you can promote the right employee.

Working towards a goal together
Employee Central facilitates collaboration. To each Employees are information about his abilities, the Expertise, work experience and much more. This allows employees to find suitable colleagues quickly joint project and exchange their knowledge in groups.

Scope & Deliverables

  • Deployment of the employee central, Performance/Goals & Recruitment, Analytics, JAM modules in SuccessFactors, with scope covering:
  • HR Transaction With whole cycle of employee data in the organization which includes new hire, changes and transfers, promotions / demotions, termination and re-hire events, business rules and workflows
  • Country specific Legal requirements and statutory reporting Some aspects of Globalizations
  • Employee Profile With twelve Background sections, Org Chart and Advanced JAM
  • Time Off functionality With leave types with approval rules and accrual rules
  • Goal Management With four Goal Plan Templates
  • Performance Management With four Performance Review Templates and four Performance Review Route Maps
  • 360 Degree Review With four 360 Degree Review Templates and two 360 Degree Review Route Maps
  • Calibration With four different views
  • Rating Scales With three pre-configured scales
  • Job Profile Builder
  • SuccessFactors Libraries More than 500 Goals and 80 Competencies
  • Job Requisition Management with one Template, six Participants Roles, five Approval Workflows
  • Pre-Screening Question Library with thirty pre-configured Questions
  • Career Sites With one version for internal candidates
  • Candidate Profile With eleven sections
  • Application Management With one Application Template and Candidate Status Pipeline with eighteen status and ten sub-status
  • Interview Central With three rating scales
  • Role Based Permissions With five Roles and three Permissions Groups
  • Reporting With standard reports, dashboards 2.0 and Adhoc Reporting


  • One global system of record: Our platform is effective-dated across geographies, cost centres, legal entities, and employee types
  • Complete workforce data: Combined HR and talent data delivers a richer, more comprehensive employee profile Align your talent to your business goals Improve HR and line management performance Drive employee engagement and accountability Continuous Performance Management – Help employees improve and succeed with on going feedback and coaching. Give recruiters instant access to pick-and-post global job distribution and sourcing analytics Streamline and simplify the hiring process A complete, simple process to manage and hire best talent faster and easier
  • Powerful analytics: Correlate workforce data with financials, CRM, and other data for actionable insights
  • Social collaboration: Optimize workforce productivity and accelerate innovation
  • Mobile touch base: Anywhere, any time Reduce risk and save HR time


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