IM&C industry is building an intelligent digital core in operations with ERPs like SAP S/4HANA

Transform the Industrial Machinery & Components industry with SAP S/4HANA

Deliver new business value with an intelligent digital core, and stay relevant in Indian and global markets with next-gen business processes.

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What is the value that an intelligent ERP brings?

An intelligent ERP delivers operational excellence across the entire value chain within an agile framework. With changing consumer expectations,  the Indian IM&C landscape is spearheading digitization at an unprecedented rate. An intuitive system empowers employees, increases customer-centricity, reducing cost and footprint.

How does implementing SAP S/4HANA help in digital transformation for IM&C in India?

SAP S/4HANA serves as the digital core for an intelligent and flexible enterprise. With immense opportunity and high competition in today’s market, SAP S/4HANA helps focus on the right strategic priorities to maintain competitive advantage.

Customer centricity

Placing the customer’s perspective at the centre of strategy is mandatory for success. SAP S/4HANA provides valuable insights into the order management process, prioritizing customer orders efficiently. This helps avoid delayed deliveries and ensures on-time delivery performance. With an omnichannel customer experience, reduced support costs, and full transparency, this gives a makeover to sales and marketing.

Personalized solutions

With engineered to order environments increasing, SAP S/4HANA helps capture customer requirements and drive mass customization. A closed loop change management ensures end-to-end processing from invoicing to manufacturing. This reduces manufacturing costs, streamlining the supply chain with real-time updates and complete visibility leading to profitability reporting done in real time.

Digital Capabilities

SAP S/4HANA offers embedded software capabilities moving past the constraints of legacy systems. An integrated view of change timeline and BOMs, with future support reduces R&D costs. This further decreases manual rework through better product configurations leading to reduced manufacturing costs.

Streamlining operations

In addition to digitizing the shop floor and the supply chain, SAP S/4HANA intelligently links production and logistics to the rest of the enterprise. This simplifies dealing with situations like supply fluctuations, material shortage, and changes in order configurations. An order-to-delivery process reduces loss of revenue due to stock-outs and decreases manufacturing cycle time.

Sophisticated business models

As companies move from product-centric offerings to service-centric offerings, SAP S/4HANA defines, configures, and maintains performance-based contracts for product usage. Easy retrieval of usage and performance data helps in accurate rating without any user bias. This improves service profit margin and subscription invoice processing time.

Real business power delivered with SAP HANA for an Oregon-based steel fabrication plant

Founded in 1963, Tube Specialties is a steel fabrication plant and leading supplier to OEMs across a number of industries that include automotive, trucking, medical, outdoor recreation and more. As a company that provides supply chain management, product assembly and consumer direct product packaging services, Tube Specialties offers solutions for today’s complex tube manipulation and steel fabrication requirements. The legacy system in use was growing unstable and nearing its end. itelligence helped in the migration to a new robust, intuitive system.

  • Increase of product requirements document (PRD) retrieval rate by 95%
  • Improve the system and user performance
  • Seamless and non-disruptive transition for users
  • Improve the view into data

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Client Testimonials

The migration to SAP HANA has been a true success within our organization. Of course we experienced the usual trials and tribulations, but never once did we lose a day of business, key data or communication with our customers. We look forward to continuing our journey with itelligence as we continue to achieve our business goals.

Peter Schubert, Systems Development Manager, Tube Specialties Company

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