Still undecided about SAP HANA In-Memory?

Lately I’ve given a few presentations on SAP HANA In-Memory Computing and the benefits it brings to companies. To sum up the information, here’s a quick recap.

SAP HANA is at a pivotal point, changing Business Intelligence (BI) and how IT decision makers can streamline their approach to business data processing. Why is this important? Because IT leaders today are dealing with more data than ever; compiling critical information that moves a company forward in their industry and provides competitive intelligence that helps satisfy company’s objectives of reaching key leaders and audiences that are most important.

One example of SAP HANA’s capabilities is SAP In-Memory. SAP In-Memory software assists in analyzing the vast data volumes companies compile each day, combining transactional data processing, analytical data processing and application logic processing functionality in memory. With quick and easy analysis, decision makers can make informed decisions that not only drive productivity and streamline processes, but greatly impact the business in real-time.

While most feel the decision to upgrade to SAP HANA seems natural and right for their company, others may be hesitant. Addressing feelings of uncertainty–including concerns of the technology being a good fit for their company; if it’s a good time for the business to switch; or how the technology best fits with their current systems– itelligence helps decision makers by offering test drives to ensure that it is providing the highest level of service and partnering with companies to fit their individual needs.

We offer test drives for ERP Operating Reporting, SAP HANA Acceleration and SAP BW 7.3 on SAP HANA.

Interested in a test drive?

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