Turkcell Global Bilgi

In just six months, itelligence helped us to accelerate our entire budget cycle. Now we have more time to analyze financial data and take actions that bring the company forward.

Etem Kavak, IT Enterprise Solutions and Business Intelligence Manager, Turkcell Global Bilgi

Turkcell Global Bilgi was established as a Turkcell Group company  in 1999 and provides services with a total of 18 locations, including 14 in Turkey, 4 in Ukraine with over 12.000 employees with a seat capacity of 8000.

In addition to Turkcell Global Bilgi’s extensive experience in the telecom industry, the company provides services with its expertise in the public sector, finance, energy and retail industries and for a wide customer portfolio. With customer experience focused industrial solutions, the company creates value in the fields of customer services, customer acquisition, telesales, technical support, customers retention and loyalty, collections, customer information management and analysis.

Challenges and Benefits


  • Manual budget process
  • Financial data dispersed across different systems and locations, creating complexity and slowing down the budgeting process
  • Lack of modern analytics tools


  • One secure, state-of-the-art system for all financial processes
  • Ability to run simulations and scenarios based on different parameters
  • Improved end-to-end processes in all business departments
  • Mobile access to reporting structures and dashboards
  • Ability to monitor and audit financial processes centrally


  • SAP® BusinessObjects™ Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC) powered by SAP HANA®
  • Application Management Services, SAP HANA Hosting and Maintenance

Turkcell Global Bilgi, Istanbul, Turkey

A fast, high-performance budgeting process with SAP BPC 10.0 and SAP HANA technology

About the Project

Finding a Home for the Mass of Manual Data

At Turkcell Global Bilgi, the customer is king. This subsidiary of the largest GSM provider in Turkey delivers back-office support and customer care management services on behalf of hundreds of global companies, with 250 million customer contacts per year.

Given such vibrant business activity, it’s no surprise the finance department of Turkcell Global Bilgi is a busy place. But there was a clear need to simplify and streamline its financial processes. Most of the budgeting processes were performed manually. Financial information was located in different systems and locations, which were not integrated.

As a result, it was difficult to track key processes, slowing down the whole budgeting process. “With our existing system, it was hard to control and track data—and easy to lose it,” said Selçuk Şimşek, head of the finance department.

Turkcell Global Bilgi sought a partner to speed up its financial processes and turned to itelligence. A project team was formed, which analyzed all the processes in scope, including planning, budgeting, expenses, forecasting and financial consolidation. After a successful proof of concept, itelligence was mandated to implement the full project over a six-month period.

itelligence introduced SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC) 10 on the SAP HANA in-memory platform, creating a secure environment for all budgeting and planning processes. Financial data from 18 locations is now fed automatically into one system, reducing the need for manual data entry. And when manual data entry does occur, it is based on clear role-based authorizations. This ensures a clear audit trail.

Financial Reports and Analyses in No Time

Today the employees in the financial department can deliver budget information and KPIs in no time, allowing senior management to take necessary action much faster. For example, instead of needing a day and a half to model scenarios, the budget department can now do it in 30 minutes. And the amount of time needed to produce the annual operating plan (AOP) has fallen by 30%.

The best-estimate process has been fully automated. The high volume of expense items can be booked much faster. Allocating costs is also quicker. The increased speed and efficiency of the budgeting and planning process has boosted the credibility of the financial reports.

“Without the support of itelligence and the SAP solution they implemented, we would have never been able to create such a fast budgeting process. All the new systems are running smoothly. Now we have time to focus on other processes,” commented Selçuk Şimşek.

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