Part of being a competitive company is taking advantage of cutting-edge technology. The embodiment of this is SAP HANA, which has the capability to drive your business forward with its revolutionary in-memory computing. At itelligence, our goal is to keep you punching above your weight, which is why we’re experts in HANA implementation and service.  We use what we preach, running our business on the full suite of SAP solutions on HANA, providing the new user experience from our own HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC) Data Centers. Learn more about how HANA can give your business the extra edge in your marketplace.

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SAP Consulting

Our highly aligned teams consisting of SAP experts and industry insiders ensure technology and logistics solutions that deliver your desired results. Our goal is to demonstrate value beyond that to become your trusted advisor and support you with professional advice, including strategy development, implementation and continuous optimization. As partners, we will develop solutions that open new horizons. Check out how we can support and work with you and your business for a brighter IT landscape.

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itelligence Cloud and Innovation Center

We take a pragmatic approach to delivering SAP solutions to enable your business. While some system integration firms are about dreaming it – we are about doing it.  As a result, we have created an itelligence Cloud and Innovation Center (iCiC) to take your business people on a personalized visual tour of business transformation possibilities enabled by the latest capabilities of SAP.  The iCiC can be the catalyst to motivate your team to take the 1st step in the innovation journey.  Learn more about how our specialized practice teams and innovation approach can improve your organization’s bottom line by making your business more agile and efficient.

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Our experience, your success

See how our experience can solve your business challenges.

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SAP Application Management

We are committed to being true SAP craftsmen, with a proud reputation for delivering proactive, pragmatic and flexible solutions to help your organization realize time to value. Our full-service portfolio will support you throughout the entire lifecycle of your SAP investment. Learn more about how we can provide specialized value to you through our SAP Application Managed Services (AMS) service offerings.

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SAP Hosting

Without the resources to fully staff a dedicated IT team, managing SAP can be an increasingly difficult and frustrating task for your businesses.  As one of only a few SAP Global Hosting Partners, we ensure quality, integrity and safety of all processes.  By listening to the needs of growing companies like yours running SAP and continuously enhancing our services, we help you plan ahead and provide a full spectrum of services 24×7 support to ensure your systems are running at all times.  Find out how a true, world-class hosting partner can make the difference.

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Corporate Blog
Digitization: Why It Is a Must

#1: The Hopes and Fears of CEOs In modern business, digitization is the word on everyone’s lips. The trend is blurring the lines between industries, forcing companies to reinvent themselves. Those that fail to adopt…

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Success in Selling: Serving the customer is not only selling products or services

This might be common sense, but the world in which sales professionals operate is a stormy one, constantly changing thanks to underlying drivers and trends like an explosion of information, changing market dynamics, rising customer…

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8 Technology Trends Shaping Our Lives (Part 4)

Technology is constantly evolving. What exciting developments can we expect to see in coming years? Based on the findings of a white paper by our parent company, NTT DATA, this four-part blog series delves into…

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8 Technology Trends Shaping Our Lives (Part 3)

Technology is constantly evolving. What exciting developments can we expect to see in coming years? Based on the findings of a white paper by our parent company, NTT DATA, this four-part blog series delves into…

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Suburban Propane Fuels Business Power and Savings with SAP ERP & Virtualization

Suburban Propane, a national distributor of propane, fuel oil and related products and services, knew it needed to replace its heavily customized, complex ERP system with a modern, high-performance SAP ERP. Knowing the project would…

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‘The Era of Analysis’ in the Chemical Industry (Part 1)

This is the first in a two-part itelligence blog series detailing how new predictive analytics solutions provide chemical companies with the ability to achieve top business objectives. We live in exciting technological times!  Many industries…

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Adapting Business to Today’s Workforce (Part One)

This is the first in a three-part itelligence blog series exploring how HCM technology can help organizations attract, retain and manage the newest generation of employees.   We’ve all heard the same headlines; the millennials…

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Translating the Theory of Real-Time Evolution into a Business Reality

For decades, businesses have sought out the advantages and improvements of operating on a real-time basis. From the earliest days of enterprise computing, SAP solutions have played a defining role in helping businesses translate their…

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itelligence AddStore Launches for Centralized, Web-Based Product Access and Support

We are excited about the launch today of the itelligence AddStore for hybris® software! This dynamic site delivers a web-based presence to broadcast product offerings to our growing North American and global customer bases. Our…

11/13/2015 Read Story »

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