Things have changed… When should I re-consider moving my SAP landscape to a hosted environment?

Ok, this blog post goes out to all of the current SAP customers who made an initial decision to support their SAP infrastructure in-house/on-premise.  I’m not going to debate that decision, but I want to point out a few potential decision points that present themselves throughout the SAP/People/Infrastructure Lifecycle where you should re-consider hosting.

Here are a few checkpoints:

  • Loss of an employee: In many organizations, the loss of a key employee can be disastrous to the ability to support the SAP environment.  While you may have tagged a junior resource as a backup, you know that things will not be the same.  If your DC infrastructure/servers are still getting the job done, you may want to consider using itelligence for SAP Basis/Database Remote Administration.
  • Depreciation of Hardware is ending: As an IT Leader, you were able to obtain the funds to make a hefty initial purchase of equipment and infrastructure to support the environment.  Now, that equipment is aging and you find yourself fighting to obtain capital dollars to maintain/update the infrastructure investment.  Now is a good time to consider full hosting to better leverage expense spending and provide an update to your environment.  The nice thing about using itelligence is that you get guaranteed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) related to uptime, performance and issue response time.  How much is piece of mind worth?

  • New project requires additional hardware and/or skills: This situation is very similar to the last item discussed above.  It is another case where obtaining the right equipment may cost more than you can afford.  Leveraging itelligence, you have the ability to quickly get the infrastructure (and knowledge) that you need…not just what you can afford.  In addition, having a partner that understands leading edge technology doesn’t hurt either.  When starting projects like HANA, Mobility, GRC or BPC, you want to work with a partner that understands impacts and changes to the environment.  itelligence has the dedicated resources and know-how.

  • Risk becomes an issue: When there is a history of data center outages (like air conditioning problems, power troubles, or hardware failures), or if you just witnessed a natural disaster near your major facilities, you may want to consider hosting.  Business continuity may not have been a big issue when you company was only a single site.  This may no longer be the case as your company has grown or looks to expand in the near future.

This list is obviously not complete.  It is just a start of when to consider making a move to a partner that will provide the services that your company truly needs.  At itelligence, we provide a complete Managed Services offering, allowing our customers to have peace of mind that their SAP investment is in good hands.  Let itelligence focus on SAP so you and your employees can focus on your business.

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