it.Analytics CXO Dashboard

Real Time Decision Making with SAP Analytics Cloud

4 Real Time Dashboards with 10 key KPIs for office of CXO


  • 4 Dashboards For CEO, CFO, Sales, and Manufacturing integrated with SAP S/4HANA with total 40 KPI's from Finance, Sales,Inventory, Production and Project Systems

CEO Dashboard

  • Operating Income
  • Operating Expenses
  • Total profit (Gross Profit)
  • Net Profit
  • Total Sales
  • Inventory Days
  • Top 10 Sales (Customer/Brands)
  • Total Inventory
  • Customer Fulfillment – Service levels
  • Project Status – (Project value vs Cost Incurred)

Business Benefits

  • Executive dashboard gives you great visibility and insight. You know exactly what’s going on in all aspects of your business.
  • Executive Dashboards allow you to measure your performance throughout your organization and thus improve it

CFO Dashboard

  • Total Expenses
  • Operating Profit (NP - Interest)
  • Cash & Bank balances
  • Loans and Advances
  • Working Capital
  • Cost of Inventory
  • Current Ratio
  • Total Inventory
  • Net Profit to Sales %
  • Accounts Payables
  • Accounts Receivables

Business Benefits

  • Budgeting, planning and forecasting will be more effective.
  • Cost and Profitability analysis is now quick and precise.
  • Financial dashboards will give you quick insights and help you take business decisions on real time basis.

Sales Dashboard

  • Total Expenses
  • Sales analysis
  • Sales Trend analysis
  • Top 10 Brand wise sales
  • Sales Plan Vs Actual
  • Sales Returns
  • Open Orders/Backlogs
  • Delivery performance
  • Total value of overdue Deliveries
  • New Customer Performance
  • Customer Fulfillment - Service levels KPI

Business Benefits

  • High-level insights are provided for the sales manager to understand the key numbers
  • Strategic and operational overview for the end-to-end sales order processes.
  • Easily pushes the real-time figures to the internal sales representative
  • Flexible tool to adapt to user needs.

Manufacturing Dashboard

  • Actual Production by Month
  • Target Vs Actual production
  • Reject Ratio
  • Rework
  • Plant Stock
  • Production Cost
  • Labor cost
  • Energy Cost
  • Inventory Turns
  • Cycle Time: Manufacturing Process

Business Benefits

  • Live calculation of KPI’s to analyze managed and non-managed spend’s.
  • 360-degree visibility into spending, suppliers, and related market information.
  • Analyzing the cycle times can help you reduce it and outweigh with surplus efficiency gains.
  • Reducing services & cost involved for support by taking proactive decisions.

Package Information

Total Implementation Time : 4 Weeks,

  • Terms & Conditions Apply
  • SAP S/4HANA source system required and Minimum 1 year subscription of SAP Analytics Cloud

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