Build Responsive Supply Networks with SAP S/4HANA

Meet evolving expectations, improve efficiency, and stay competitive.

Leverage SAP S/4HANA to build responsive supply networks

Meet evolving expectations, improve efficiency, and stay competitive through real-time insights in the Indian Automotive industry.

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How supply networks are transforming

The traditional focal points on cost, cash, and service are slowly changing to a more pivotal focus on material flow speed and real-time visibility. Amid volatile global markets, an intelligent supply chain will ensure maximum ROI with optimal asset utilization. Fast and streamlined material flow through a supply network enabled by real-time tracking and IoT helps achieve this.

Are you facing these supply chain challenges with your current ERP?

Dynamic market demands

Supply chains today have very limited capability to sense or predict short-term market demand and respond to it in real-time.

Limited optimization

While overall progress across system boundaries can be observed, optimization possibilities are limited without combining inbound and outbound movements.

Limited capabilities

Limited capabilities for cross-docking, labour management, quality management, transportation capacity planning, and preconfigured event-tracking

Batch-based processes

While planning is based on deliveries, batch-based processes and lack of real-time monitoring yields less than optimal delivery performance.

How an intelligent ERP - SAP S/4HANA - makes a difference

Accurate forecasts

With real-time insights from analytics, ability to meet evolving Indian expectations and demands is simplifies. Additionally, cost of demand planning and forecasting is lowered.

Reduced Total Cost

With complete end-to-end visibility in the Indian landscape, operations are more streamlined with increased inventory accuracy and reduced warehouse operating cost. This in turn leads to shorter lead times for order fulfilment and reduced transportation management costs. Landscape simplifications lower total cost of operations.

Advanced ATP

With advanced ATP and complete visibility, confirmation limits can be set. This allows execution of availability checks on more than a single material/plant combination including automated product and location substitution. The addition of these capabilities to the supply chain is required to operate in multichannel fulfillment environments in India.

Extended Warehouse Management

Advanced warehousing functionality – such as slotting and kitting that optimize the location of warehouse items for fast storage and recovery is now part of S/4HANA. While earlier ERPs had removed this feature, its addition now allows manufacturing and supply chains to advance warehousing capabilities without middlemen, complicated software, or a separate standalone solution for the Indian landscape.

Case Study

Turkey based Automotive Spare Parts Manufacturer Streamlines Supply Chain

Kanca, supplying one thousand and 500 tons of parts to 300 companies in the key automotive and petroleum industries including Audi, Fiat, Ford, Iveco, Renault, Toyota, Volkswagen and Skoda, gained a competitive advantage over its competitors in capacity and labor force efficiency with our SAP project. It was significant to sustain the quality and technical effectiveness for Kanca to increase the quality level while using emerging technology in manufacturing. itelligence helped implement SAP leveraging in-depth SAP and industry knowledge.


  • Kanca started to optimize process flow, access to the data faster, respond to customer needs faster and take the costs under control.
  • As a result of process integration with partners, the efficiency of the supply chain increased and production scrap were minimized.
  • ‘’Mould Life Cycle Monitorization’’ enabled Kanca to monitor mould status and moulds in hand and to make a mould requirement planning.

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Some useful insights for the automotive industry

Have you found the ERP system that works best for you?

Before deciding on a new ERP system, several solutions are usually put to test. From the experience of recent years, we have formulated nine key points that should make it easier to identify and evaluate differences between the ERP systems.

How digitally mature is your organization?

As the automotive industry is flooded with an increasingly competitive market, decision makers need to rethink and reshape business models and processes within the organization. Let’s take your business further, together!

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