We recently sponsored a series of webinars to show our followers how to use high-tech solutions like SAP ERP solutions to bring supply chain management up-to-speed in the current climate. Each talk featured experts in their fields who shared their experiences and provided advice to managers working to maintain or transition their supply chain ERP systems.

Key aspects of supply chain management were touched upon over the course of each webinar including inventory, warehouse and transportation management, with success stories from companies such as Johnsonville Sausage to illustrate best practices.

If you missed out on this series, don’t worry! We’ve collected recordings of each webcast and have made them available on demand. Follow the links below and register to catch the content you’re most interested in, or rewatch the whole series for the full experience.

Part 1: Smart Strategies to Improve Inventory Optimization and Demand Planning in SAP

Part 2: Johnsonville Sausage’s Consolidated Approach to Holistic Global Trade Services Success

Part 3: Tips to Matching Your Business Goals with a Warehouse Management System

Part 4: Supply Chain Success: MCR Safety’s Transportation Transformation

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