SAP Business Intelligence (BI) Enterprise Platform

With the number of technologies needed to manage your business, you need a platform that not only manages your solutions but also keeps you one step ahead of the competition. BI Enterprise platform allows you to manage information across devices, including mobile, to schedule, publish and distribute, keeping you organized and on track.

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Business Driven Analytics

In the past, business data had been used in a more ad hoc nature and often fluctuated in use across industries. With SAP solutions today, itelligence can engage with your business to understand the needs and how to best align with the methodology and strategy for your individual business units. Learn more about how you can improve business efficiency through the use of analytics and vertical expertise.

Data Quality

When going through a maturity concept in BI, businesses often question if they are using the right rules and properly defining their metrics. Having multiple BI needs without a BI partner that can help you execute, poses a challenge for your business. Data quality isn’t just about the human element of data entry error, but the consistency from that data governance perspective down to analysis and traceability. Find out how itelligence can help you ask the right questions, and incorporate data quality, to ensure that you’re meeting your business goals.

Data Warehousing

Overtime, the theory of data warehousing has evolved. There are businesses interested in continuing their data warehouse or looking for ways to transition from a data warehouse to a platform like SAP HANA. With multiple data sources, though, how do you massage all of that data and develop one holistic picture? Learn more about how you can take the next steps to transition your existing data warehouse to SAP HANA.

Real Time Data Platform

Businesses need a foundation that lays the groundwork for technology to connect the necessary components for content consumption. Through the combination of that key foundation and real-time capabilities, the possibilities are endless. Find out how itelligence can help you determine if you’re properly equipped with your data platform to meet the demands of your organization.

Predictive Analytics

The concept of modeling and forecasting has been around for a long time. In order for businesses to succeed today, however, they must know what is happening in real-time and make informed business decisions based on that knowledge. Learn more about how you can use predictive analytics to understand behavioral patterns, know what those patterns are, and how to use those metrics for a positive outcome.

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