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From the earliest days of enterprise computing, SAP solutions have played a defining role in helping businesses translate their vision for real-time practices and processes into a reality. Today, doing business on a real-time basis has become a prerequisite to survival, not just a competitive advantage. Businesses must now satisfy the needs of customers in the moment, from anywhere, on any device, at any time. This approach to doing business places radically new demands on how businesses operate and the technology they need to ensure ongoing success. However, the new paradigm of real-time business can be a competitive advantage instead of a disruptive force by enabling businesses to capitalize on:

  • Embedded analytics the value of context
  • Smart business applications the value of system-directed action
  • On Cloud or On Premise On-premise, managed, and public cloud deployments the value of perpetual innovation
  • Memory Performance In-memory performance – the value of now
  • Mobility the value of anywhere
  • Business networks the value of electronic communities
  • Machine networks the value of predictive data
  • Social networks the value of perception


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The SAP S/4HANA implementation helped our business in centralizing pricing and discounts, stopped revenue leakage, and automated sales pricing. Our team has derived transparency and tracking at order level, and achieved visibility of stocks across all locations. Siddharth Malani, Managing Director, Shree Malani Group

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