ERP for Manufacturing

SAP ERP solution for Manufacturing Industry

Ever changing customer demands, increasing competition, and the pressure to reduce cost are some of the common challenges faced by the manufacturing companies. Also, the 4th industrial revolution is disrupting the manufacturing industry by increased digitization of business processes.

Our SAP ERP solution for manufacturing industry is specifically designed to address the challenges faced by businesses of the manufacturing industry and support all the manufacturing & assembly plants, processes and operations. The solution is designed smartly for industrial machinery, engineering companies and component manufacturers.

Value added solutions for Manufacturing Industry

Additionally, we provide the value added services to quickly improve productivity on shop floor, enhance efficiency, and reduce cost. These are:

Vendor portal

A robust application based on the SAP ERP system, FIORI, and UI5 for Suppliers that provides the vendor information about specific Purchase Orders that is supposed to supply at different stages of processing.

Customer portal

Is a fully functional HTML5 web portal built on the HANA cloud platform and can be integrated with SAP ERP which allows customers view all their orders and check the progress.

Commission portal

Based on SAP FIORI and UI5, it is a fully functional HTML5/UI5 application built on the HANA cloud platform designed to integrate with SAP ERP. It calculate the commission for each sales representative automatically during sales order entry based on the pricing conditions maintained for the commission (Sales Representative, Broker, Agent etc.) representative.

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