Supply Chain Offerings

Supply Chain Offerings

SAP Global Trade Services (GTS)

When managing a global supply chain, any hang-ups with customs, trade penalties or fines, and shipping delays, are a major hindrance to the efficiency and bottom line of your business. SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) exists to reduce all of the aforementioned headaches and give you an automated and streamlined trade process at every possible blockade and enter new markets.

SAP Transportation Management (TM)

With a wealth of products and resources spanning the globe, transportation management is a key factor in gaining supply chain visibility and reducing cost. In order to optimize transportation, it is critical to eliminate the manual processes and put into an optimized system. Our deep industry knowledge, combined with the power of SAP Transportation Management (TM) solutions, can help you streamline and optimize processes to increase speed, gain visibility and reduce supply chain cost.

SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)

If your warehouse is not prepared when it comes to inventory data, inbound or outbound goods, dock scheduling or labor inefficiencies, SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) might just be the tool you need. SAP EWM tackles all of the logistical processes in your warehouse, allowing you to effectively optimize your warehouse, labor and overall operations to reduce cost, increase visibility and speed.

G.I.B Dispo-Cockpit Solutions

Companies running SAP ERP want to leverage their existing platform investment to improve product availability and on-time delivery while reducing total cost.  Many supply chain professionals are exporting data out of the ERP system and manually analyzing and reporting data using off-line spreadsheets and tools.  However, there is a better option to achieve cost-effective, real-time supply chain optimization – G.I.B Dispo-Cockpit Solutions.

itelligence supply chain consultants have extensive experience with Production Planning and Materials Management, and are certified to deliver Dispo-Cockpit Forecasting, Controlling, Planning, and Operations modules on-time and on-budget.  A fixed price delivery schedule ensures known implementation costs and quick time-to-value.

ShipERP Shipping Solution for SAP

Companies today are looking to empower their logistics organization to reduce freight costs, ensure on-time deliveries and high order fulfillment rates, and manage other shipping process aspects to achieve better efficiencies.

The ShipERP™ solution provided by itelligence offers the shipping functionality needed to achieve these goals. This fully integrated multi-carrier/-multi-modal shipping solution is designed to run on the SAP NetWeaver® technology platform, and provides companies with the ability to rapidly ship products at the lowest costs. ShipERP supports a range of transportation modes, including small parcel, less than a truckload (LTL), full truckload (TL), rail, air, and ocean. The technology seamlessly integrates with standard SAP documents such
as sales orders.

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