Based on SAP FIORI and UI5, it.Commission is a fully functional HTML5/UI5 application built on the HANA cloud platform designed to integrate with SAP ERP.

Key Features

  • Sales order processing with the Commissions solution is designed to calculate the commission for each sales representative automatically during sales order entry based on the pricing conditions maintained for the commission (Sales Representative, Broker, Agent etc.) representative.
  • A report run after invoicing which transfer data to accounts payable of the commissions due for each representative by billing document. Accounts payable can then create commission invoices for each representative followed by A/P payment run which makes the final payment.
  • The commission’s app will focus on settlement of internal and external commissions across any industry

Key Process Steps

  • The process starts with the creation of a customer’s standard sales order – the sales representatives associated with the customer are determined in the sales order. Based on the pricing conditions maintained by partner, customer and material, commissions will be calculated.
  • The delivery for the sales order is created and picking slips are generated to the warehouse clerks to stage the finished product for shipment to the customer. After the completion of picking, the warehouse clerk records the actual physical quantity that is being shipped to the customer. This result in the recording of cost of goods sold in financial accounting. Once the inventory has been relieved, the delivery can be invoiced.
  • Once the customer invoice is created, the system automatically accrues the amount of commission that each sales representative should be receiving.
  • This is followed by the A/P payment run using it.Commission report which makes the final payment to the sales representatives. The process is completed by the A/R posting of the incoming payment from the customer.

Why it.Commission?

  • Real-time commission’s calculation by line item
  • Handles up to five Commission Partners per order line item
  • Flexibility in Handling Complex Commissions Structures
  • Automatically Moves Commissions Values to Accrued Revenue Upon Invoice Save
  • Calculates Commissions within Order Entry and Invoice (security enabled to hide if necessary) with integrated financial accrual postings
  • Automatic Feed to Accounts Payable

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