it.Resume Database Solution on HCP

Resume Database is a HCP based Java application for creating and maintaining employee’s Resumes

  • Employees of the organization can build and update their resume
  • Each employee can have multiple variants of resumes based on the requirements of clients
  • Resume variants can be created with reference to existing resumes
  • Supports multiple languages like SAP
  • Role based access to information
  • Google like search
  • Managers can view / update their Reportees’resume . They can not only see their direct reportee’s Resume, but can also see all the Employees under their span of control
  • Options to enter and search Micro Verticals of an Industry
  • Various Reports for Managers / Admin / Resource Management group
  • Periodic reminder e-mails to employee to update their resumes
  • Dashboards to Admin / RMG for high level overview of skill matrix available at Org Level
  • Cloud (SCP) Solution, developed using most popular technologies like Spring, Hibernate and SAP HANA

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