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World’s Finest Chocolate

“itelligence took our direction, added their levels of expertise and developed a final plan that was clear, detailed and achievable. Most importantly, they performed and executed through every obstacle and roadblock with the utmost professional effort and demeanor, which allowed us to overachieve on all our milestones and goals, from beginning to end.”

Michael Mestan, Senior Account Executive

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Tube Specialties Company

“The migration to SAP HANA has been a true success within our organization. Of course we experienced the usual trials and tribulations, but never once did we lose a day of business, key data or communication with our customers. We look forward to continuing our journey with itelligence as we continue to achieve our business goals.”

Peter Schubert, Systems Development Manager

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Cheney Brothers, Inc.

“Anticipating a breaking point with our existing IT systems, we made the decision to bring in itelligence and SAP. As a true thought leader, itelligence helped us leverage the SAP system based on their many examples with other Wholesale and Distribution companies and more specifically other Food Service providers. A big part of our decision to use SAP was for incentive management, which is a key business area for our business.”

Joe Haber, Chief Information Officer

Cobra Electronics Corporation

“Whether a business needs SAP expertise for two days or two months, itelligence provides the same level of expertise and excellence throughout the entire length of the project.  You get exactly what you need, when and where you need it.”

Dean Marino, Director of IT

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Pelican Products

“Throughout the process, we discovered that itelligence has core SAP expertise and offers both technical knowledge and a landscape perspective. itelligence asked the right questions, had the right answers and the broader vision that Pelican was looking for to grow their SAP installation. This was exactly the type of relationship we wanted.”

Jeff Cushing, Vice President of Information Technology

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Summit Electric Supply Company Inc.,

“We can now track work processes in software rather than doing it all in a disparate fashion — one guy used Excel, one guy used pen and paper, etc. The overall consistency is delivering better quality.”

David Wascom,  Chief Information Officer and Vice President of IT

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