World Cup Action: Third time’s the charm!

Monday’s win over Ghana was sweet revenge for Team USA. After being knocked out of the last two Word Cups by Ghana, the goals by Clint Dempsey and John Brooks were certainly something to celebrate! Dempsey scored just 32 seconds into the match, giving him the fastest goal scored by an American and the fifth fastest goal scored in World Cup history.

We’ve been incredibly impressed with the abilities of all of the teams that have played so far, but we’re also impressed with the technology being used at this year’s event!

Goal line technology (GLT) has already had a high-profile role in the tournament, namely in the match between France and Honduras. GLT monitors the path of the ball using high speed cameras to determine if the ball crosses the goal line. The system used at the World Cup uses a total of 14 high speed cameras – 7 cameras pointed at each goal at different angles – to track the flight of the ball. In the match between France and Honduras, the technology worked perfectly and awarded France a goal, despite some confusion from the way the goal was broadcast.

Our long-time partner, SAP, also has a big role in this year’s competition. SAP, in partnership with the German Football Association (DFB), created the SAP Match Insights solution which runs on SAP HANA. They hope that with this technology, they’ll be able to collect and analyze enough data to keep them one step ahead of their competition. Based on Monday’s match against Portugal, it seems to be working, but we’ll see who comes out on top next Thursday when Germany and the USA face each other – we’re betting on Team USA!

We’re looking forward to keeping up with our teams and the technology that is coming out at the 2014 World Cup.

If you’re looking for another way to get in on some of the World Cup Action, don’t forget to check out our World Cup Predictor!

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