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Digitalize Your Manual Document Handling

Forget about human errors. Improve work efficiency, while saving money. All with our automated document capture service based on robot software and artificial intelligence.

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Improve efficiency with automated document processes

Document capture, control, review, and approvals should be clearly defined and simple. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. By automating lengthy manual processes with our it.capture service, you simplify every step of the documentation process – from creation to approval.

This doesn’t just create consistency and reliability, it also enables your company to operate more efficiently and lets staff focus on your core business rather than menial, manual processes.

Reduce costs and improve accuracy

Correctly managing documents, e.g invoices, is a complicated and detailed process. With huge impact on your business.

Our it.capture service allows you to replace the manual, slow, and unreliable management of documents with a fully automated process. And this is great news. Because by working with the latest technology, you can optimize workflows, improve accuracy, and, not least, reduce costs – all to ensure that your business remains profitable.

Gain control and data transparency

Your piles of documents grow day by day. And what might seem overwhelming can easily be managed with our document capture service.

The service stores information in a centralized system, which gives you a clear overview of your data and enables you to act on up-to-date information to make well-informed, strategic decisions. Additionally, you can easily trace any past documents, resulting in company-wide transparency from a single source.

Free up time to focus on your core business

Is there anything more frustrating than seeing skilled employees wasting their time doing manual and time-consuming work? Probably not.

With our it.capture service, you get rid of manual processes, like filling out documents, which frees up time for employees to focus on what really matters; your core business. Additionally, the automation of document handling is a major step towards the realization of a paperless office, which not only saves you space but also contributes to your business’ green profile.

Digitalized Order Process

I am simply crazy about this robot solution. It digitalizes our order process, reduces the number of key errors, and in the end, it releases resources that we can use to optimize our customer service instead.

Lena Melander, Project Manager, Customer Service Nordic, Nilfisk A/S

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