Google Glass & SAP: itelligence goes for wearable technology

Google Glass & SAP

Today our customers interact with SAP solutions in a large number of ways according to their roles and requirements, whether it is via their laptops, smartphones, tablets or radio frequency terminals. Our mission at itelligence, as an SAP Global Partner, is to investigate new technologies and make them meet the current business requirements for tomorrow’s challenges, as for example with wearable technology.

For companies that do item based picking, the cost of picking can be up to 70% of total logistical costs. Ever since WMS have existed, Warehouses have been foreruners in implementing new technologies to gain in quality, ergonomics and productivity of picking tasks.

We at itelligence therefore decided to investigate on how connected glasses could be used in a warehouse environment. We came up with an application directly connected to SAP to handle picking and several other logistical business cases. This allowed us to gain knowledge on the interaction that a user can have with his google glasses in terms of barcode recognition, voice recognition and usage of the display.

In this video we show how our google glass prototype, developped with our customer Bott, handles picking within a warehouse.

Click here to see the video

Hans Kourimsky

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