Review TechEd day 2: What do Einstein and SAP have in common?

The headline sounds weird, but let me clarify how one of the world’s greatest physicists and SAP relate.

Most people know the famous equation E=mc^2 – Jim Hageman Snabe transformed the equation into

e=mc*(imc)^2 where e = enterprise; m = mobile computing, c = cloud computing and imc = in memory computing

This pretty much summarizes the focal areas that he lined out in his remarkable key note address here in Madrid today. He reinforced what I have already written yesterday’s post.

Apple simple, Google fast

Using this great analogy, quoting a SAP customer’s CEO Hageman Snabe detailed what his vision for the future is – providing software that is as simple as Apple’s tools, running as fast as Google’s search engine. The bottom line is to optimize the current IT landscape using new technologies such as cloud computing and in memory computing to free up resources for innovation.

Noteworthy are two customer references he presented, one from Berlin’s Charité clinic using mobile patient files on the iPad and Skullcandy’s experience implementing and using SAP Business by Design. One would think that they’re definitely not the “classic” SAP customer…

Workshops, workshops, workshops

At this year’s TechEd there are more than 600 workshops, lectures and hands on sessions to chose from. Often the decision which session to attend is everything but easy, because there are so many interesting topics being covered.

One of the most interesting topics is the integration of geodata and maps into all kinds of applications and into reporting systems. Here SAP has formed a partnership with Google, leveraging Google’s map data for all kind of applications. This straight forward and intuitive way to access data, analyze it and even use it as a starting point for business transactions is definitely the new way to go, thus creating a completely new kind of user interfaces and user experiences. Of course these new interfaces use mobile platforms such as the iPad and/or Android.

Reporting (nearly) at the speed of light

I did wrap up today with a hands on session trying out using different Business Objects frontend tools such as Explorer and Analysis for Microsoft Office to access and visualize HANA data. This was very interesting and it was actually a cool experience seeing all the new Business Objects tools in combination with the in memory solutions. This is definitely the way to go in the future!

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