SAP Lumira gives power to the users!

At SAP TechEd 2013 in Amsterdam, two of the main attractions were the biggest Foosball table I have ever seen and one of the new tools that SAP was very proud to present, the analysis tool SAP Lumira.

Oddmar TechEd 1

The goal of this tool is to empower the users and give them the opportunity to create their own analysis and Storyboards.

Previously the Front-End tools from SAP have primarily been dependent on either SAP Business Warehouse as a source or Universes in a SAP BusinessObjects environment.

The SAP Lumira tool is SAP´s first effort to create a really stand-alone reporting tool that doesn´t depend on any specific SAP installation (SAP, BW or BO).

It takes an agnostic view of technology and offers the users the opportunity to connect to all existing Databases (e.g Oracle, Sybase, Teradata, etc.) via Freehand SQL, CSV and Excel files and also HANA sources and BO Universes.

But this is not all; the tool also offers the users the possibility to modify the data before using it for an analysis or Storyboard:

  • Combine data from different sources into the same dataset
  • Cleanse, concatenate or divide fields directly in tool
  • Create own calculations (Formulas) on existing data
  • Time and Geography Hierarchies can be created in the tool based on Dates and Cities, Regions or Lands

When all this is done the data can be put into different analyses and Storyboards and shared with others via a wide selection of distribution methods. One of the solution that will be most used is the SAP Lumira Cloud.

SAP Lumira Cloud is a web based storage location where all analysis and Storyboards can be saved for further analysis and collaboration with other analysis users in the company. The analyses and Storyboards can either be downloaded to the user´s computer for further development or it can be accessed directly on the web, where the users have a range of possibilites for analysis, enchancments and development.

The SAP Lumira Cloud is based on HTML5, which also gives all types of devises (iPad, iPhone, Andorid devices and other) the opportunity to log on and access the different analyses and Storybords.

Oddmar TechEd 4

With all the new oppertunitities SAP Lumira can provide the users, will they be able to leverage and utilize the tool for what is is worth and interact and collaborate with all the other users in the company that would want to use it?

Or will the same happen as with the foossball table above, where everybody had enough to do with their own handle on the foosball table, without thinking about what everybody else was doing,where the ball was and what they should do to score a goal? I’m rooting for the first option, since this tool is too good for the last option……


Oddmar Lid, Business Analytics Consulting Manager at itelligence

(better with SAP Lumira than Foosball…)

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