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The writer is Christopher Thomson,  Global Business Solutions Manager at itelligence AG

Project Management…what a big word and what a big job, or is it…?

When working on SAP Projects a Project Manager has to cover a complex structure of tasks. Not only in one county but maybe in three, four or five countries. The big question that arises here is how to bring together a team of implementation consultants around the world to have one picture of an itelligence SAP Project. How do Project Managers align all Project Objectives and have a common thread though out all phases of the Project.

The pretty simple answer was to create a Project Method that can be used especially for SAP Projects for any size of customer across the world. But the big question was HOW. For us the best way to do this was to take a different view. Not only to look at Project Phases, but also at Project Dimensions. We wanted to make sure that we take all views of a complex SAP Project into account when doing this. Our experience has shown that besides the phases of a project it is important to see everything multi-dimensional. Processes & Requirements, Data & Development, Organization & Roles, IT Landscape, QM Risk & Quality Management and Project Management. This ensures that no Risk, no Change is left out of sight.

Different to other standardized Project Methods the itelligence Project Method is scalable and customizable to the size of the customer and Project. The complex characteristic does not have to be same in every Project, as every customer is different…so should the Project Tools be. The itelligence Project Method was specially developed for SAP Projects and takes all the small but important details of an SAP implementation into account. 

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