Integrate your systems

Integrate your systems

We’ve worked with thousands of businesses to integrate systems, which improves their business processes and operational efficiency.

Simplify business management

Before your business grows too complex for your IT, we can help you see, think and act clearly. And we will shape SAP solutions to your business management challenges. Our know-how spans sales and customer relationships to financials and operations, so you can streamline processes, act on timely information and grow profitably. Our SAP expertise extends to the latest mobile, cloud and in-memory computing technologies. And if you’re expanding internationally, our business management solutions give you a familiar interface, with multilingual support.


Integrate your IT strategy after merger or acquisition

If you’re integrating your systems following a merger or acquisition, we can help. Within and beyond your corporate boundaries, we make it easier to join up your processes and improve efficiency. With a single, open platform, you can also standardise, automate and optimise operations. This can reduce errors and duplication, so you can achieve economies of scale. In addition, SAP process management and integration solutions can help you model, implement, integrate, and monitor new processes.

Link transactional and analytical systems

SAP solutions have the power to capture critical business information. So you can manage your key business areas, including accounting and finance, sales and customer service, purchasing and procurement, operations, inventory and distribution. Instead of data sub-sets, you can analyse data that gives you the full performance picture. When analytics combines with SAP HANA in-memory computing, you can run real-time reports on different types of data from virtually any source.

Data integration

SAP solutions feature powerful analytic and reporting tools. You can extract, transform, and load data from applications, databases, and other data stores. And when you’ve gathered data from these multiple sources, it’s simple to generate timely analysis and accurate reports based on a single, accurate view.

Connect multiple systems

SAP solutions can improve access to all your business-critical systems. Whether they are SAP or non-SAP – including disparate legacy systems – we can help you provide employees, partners and customers with the data and applications they need. Your customers will experience a higher quality and more consistent service at each touch point. And wherever your employees are, they can respond to their customers more effectively.

Be faster to market

Investing in your IT can help you be a more agile business. As a result, you can be quicker to meet customer demand and flexible enough to capture new opportunities. At itelligence, we make sure IT supports your business goals, so it’s easier to achieve the agility you need. And that’s where our expertise as an SAP Global Partner is crucial to getting the greatest speed, flexibility and scalability out of your SAP solution.



Boost competitiveness

When you know what makes you different from your competitors, you also question how you manage your business. How does your IT help sales teams? Could you get closer to customers? Is it possible to increase financial control and operate more efficiently? Our SAP know-how helps you look deep into your business, and analyse your processes. You can simplify planning, budgeting and forecasting. You can even predict trends with powerful analytics like SAP HANA. So when you’re ready to compete in new markets, you can drive success with the right SAP solution.

What our customers say

Eldorado Group, Moscow

With the IBM Systems solution for SAP HANA, Eldorado is able to tune its marketing campaigns and product pricing in real-time, enhancing profitability and maximizing sales revenue in ways that were simply not possible before.
Fabricio Granja, Project Head for the implementation of SAP NetWeaver BW

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