Mobile SalesKit App

The itelligence SalesKit app lets you view media and SAP data on a tablet at any time, giving mobile access to key documents, videos, links, social media posts and much more. Reports are available from the SAP back-end system, such as customer fact sheets, open item lists and project reports, can be viewed on a tablet using selection parameters. Large amounts of SAP analysis data is made available in regular intervals such as on a weekly basis. The data is safely stored in SAP and protected using a security authorization scheme. Data is available both online and offline, enabling anytime access, and automatically updated.

Mobile InfoCollector App

Capture any data on your iPad or iPhone in preconfigured forms, then send it to your SAP backend. The itelligence solution provides different forms like visit notes, measuring sheets or audit reports in one central location. The required forms are organized in user groups and centrally managed in the SAP back-end. They can be sent to mobile devices when needed, together with pre-filled data from SAP worklists. The information gathered can be returned to SAP and used as required, based on a variety of scenarios from SAP ERP and SAP CRM.

Mobile CustomerFocus Pro App

Are you currently using SAP CRM Mobile and require offline capabilities? Then the itelligence Mobile CustomerFocus Pro App is just what you need. It lets you use a tablet to view, analyze and save sales data in SAP CRM at any time, even when you’re offline: recording the results of a meeting with a customer, planning activities, following up opportunities or creating new contacts. You can view and edit documents on CRM, so that if you’re offline, you can store details of everything you’ve done and synchronize this with SAP CRM later on.

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