HANA Enterprise Cloud

Change is frequently hard for any business. Fortunately HANA Enterprise Cloud makes your business’ change to real-time data access fast and easy. With the power of in-memory technology and the flexibility of the cloud, HANA Enterprise Cloud’s subscription-based service can help you use SAP in-memory applications in a private cloud environment. Learn more about how the HANA Enterprise Cloud can transform the way you do business.

Suite on HANA

The simplified business applications supported by HANA can enable you to run your business like never before, including having increased flexibility and transparency to optimize your business processes and models with the ability to run operational reports in real time.  Through lean data models, compression, and acceleration, Suite on HANA minimizes risks while delivering superior performance benefits. Check out the full advantages a Suite on HANA migration can have for your business.


There’s no substitute for speed, and you can’t do things faster than real time. BW on HANA gives you the capability to capture, store and consolidate information using a real-time data warehouse platform. Find out how you can shift your data warehouse environment into sixth gear.

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