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Asaleo Care Limited

“We now produce our profit and loss statements and financial analyses in near real time. Rapid reporting and forecasts help us plan our growth more flexibly.”

Dan Kotiah, General Manager – Information Technology, Asaleo Care

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Smurfit Kappa plc

“The project goals were achieved even faster than itelligence first said. So we were able to return stock to our production site before the three months were up.”

Tewfik Noumri, Director of the SAP Skills Centre

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ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih

“We host our company data at itelligence’s Poznan data center, where the highest security standards apply. This ensures a smooth process for our 2,000 users, and offers substantial savings.”

Michael Litvinovski, CIO

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Armacell GmbH

“itelligence has impressive SAP expertise and high quality standards. We’re a global company with subsidiaries worldwide and extensive industry know-how. The same goes for itelligence. We can access its services internationally.”

Rigobert Kuhrmann, CIO

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Aug. Winkhaus GmbH & Co. KG

“We have opened our doors to SAP, so that we are flexible to new demands, can adapt to market trends in the future, and increase our competitiveness in global business.”

Matthias Niehues, Project Manager

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Bernard Krone Holding GmbH & Co. KG

“Communication, even with minor suppliers, now takes place via the web and in real time. We’ve optimized stock on hand, collection procedures and process warranties. We’ve enhanced satisfaction on all sides.”

Dr. Goy Hinrich Korn, Head of Organization/IT


“We have a business partner with extensive knowledge of SAP and a highly flexible, open approach to tasks. We solve problems together as they occur.”

Henning Kjer Christensen, IT Director

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“We chose itelligence because they offer the best product. And because its solution could be added easily, comfortably and without any great programming tasks.”

Brian Smidemann, Regional Manager for Sales and Service

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Eldorado Group

“With the IBM Systems solution for SAP HANA, Eldorado can tune marketing campaigns and product pricing in real time, enhance profitability and maximize sales revenue in ways simply not possible before.”

Fabricio Granja, Project Head

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“Even after 20 years, SAP software fulfils our expectations in every way. We are very happy with how the project was implemented by itelligence – and the resulting benefits.”

Alexander Reitmayer, Head of Commercial Operations

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Gigaset Communications GmbH

“Take a handful of itelligence consultants from Russia and Germany, and a splash of application management expertise. Mix it together, and out comes the perfect project team.”

Verena Straberg, Project Management

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Häfele Ltd

“itelligence’s people were extremely good. I couldn’t fault them.”

Russell Morris, Financial Director

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Herbapol Wroclaw S.A.

“When we decided to implement an integrated system capable of handling specific processes within the pharmaceutical industry, we felt this was a considerable challenge – and a breakthrough opportunity.”

Edyta Sapijaszko, responsible for the SAP implementation project

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“We can now connect our customers and partners to our ERP system by iPhone, BlackBerry or other mobile devices. This ensures details of our range are always available in real time.”

Hermann J. Grauthoff, Head of IT/Organization

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Kompania Piwowarska S.A.

“The most important benefit for us is limiting risks associated with the urgent need to adapt business processes and our transaction system to the requirements of Sarbanes Oxley Act.”

Maciej Król, IT Governance Manager

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Lekkerland GmbH & Co. KG

“With itelligence, everything’s running perfectly in our warehouse systems. We’re optimising lead times, using voice-controlled systems for picking and benefiting from end-to-end, low-interface processes.”

Wolfgang Scheid, Managing Director

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LH Evans Ltd.

“This is the first time I’ve worked with an implementation team, and I found the experience very fulfilling. With SAP, we’ve got a system all our staff find easy and helpful to use.”

Liam Ryan, Sales Office Manager

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“I can‘t imagine a world without it.master data simplified. We’d have to perform millions of extra keystrokes, which would significantly increase errors caused by manual data entry.”

Kristina Johansson, Master Data Team Lead

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Pelican Products

“itelligence asked the right questions, gave us the right answers and helped us to grow our SAP capabilities. This was exactly the type of relationship we wanted.”

Jeff Cushing, Vice President of Information Technology

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Randstad Deutschland GmbH

“With itelligence, we have a very dependable and flexible hosting partner whose high degree of customer orientation and speed of implementation are convincing even when dealing with complex demands.”

Werner Schultheis, CIO

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SCA Hygiene Australasia

“In light of the project’s complexity and the extreme entrepreneurial risk which migration represents for our business, it was good to know our partner brings exactly the right experience.”

Dan Kotiah, Business Application Manager

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Schumacher Elevator Company

“The project goals were achieved even faster than itelligence first said. So we were able to return stock to our production site before the three months were up.”

Tewfik Noumri, Director of the SAP Skills Centre

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Summit Electric Supply Company Inc

“We see opportunities that we didn’t see before to automate and formalize business processes that used to be done manually and ad hoc.”

David Wascom, Chief Information Officer and Vice President

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The Holland Group Inc.

“I would say that our return from SAP has been in excess of twice the cost of the project.”

Steve Albert, Vice President of Business Processes and Information Technology

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TOMY Europe

“From the start, itelligence was committed to understanding our business. Our dedicated project manager spent so much time with me and sales, that he really became one of the team.

Stuart Kahn, IT Manager

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West Chester Holdings Inc.

“We can see how our business is performing with one click.”

Mike Derge, CIO


“With itelligence, we have gained an experienced SAP consultant for the automotive industry, which also provides competent on-site assistance for roll-outs of our European subsidiaries with individual headquarters.”

Christian Stanisch, Manager OE Logistics

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