First Academy certificates issued certificates

From the 27th of February until the 2nd of March, 4 ABAP developers from itelligence UK travelled to Eindhoven for the ABAP launch training. All of them will be developing UK market- specific localisations, within the education template for higher education and possibly customer specific items. Therefor it’s important to know about some vital rules and regulations like developing guidelines, transport protocols, release strategy etc. The participants were also immersed in the basic principles and processes of the SLcM template.

Academy certificates

As it was the first training officially arranged by the Academy, the first 4 certificates were issued. This memorable moment was caught on camera. Most important was the enthusiastic and satisfied feedback we’ve received (as you can also clearly deduct from the smiling faces on the picture). “I really liked the hands-on approach, certainly on the technical parts” and “Some excellent trainers they’ve got over there, as they know how to provide us with practical and immediately usable knowledge” are just some of the quotes we’ve collected with our review forms.

Follow the Academy

Shortly, the Academy will launch its own webpage and –shop in which a first part of the training portfolio will be offered. If you’re triggered by our Academy and have some questions about training or maybe even a request for an on-demand training, don’t hesitate to contact Kris Steegmans.


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